alparslan /*ap0*/ teke

is a sociologist and creative technologist.

performs solo and collaborative noise acts.
draws and animates with code using algorithms.
engages with text at several frontiers.

ap0’ draws and animates with code using algorithms in processing(java) and p5(javascript) since early 2022.

_algorithmic art_

#pseudo-quine on black and white#

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this is a pseudo-quine program (or a visual approximation to it) that displays and animates its source code by exploiting the way processing handles project files.
all the code that is on the canvas is manually saved as "code.txt" in the data folder of the project, which when executed in Processing, produces an animation of itself. Further improvements to come.

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#repurposing sketches into imaginary album covers#

I take many snapshots out of creative coding sessions. One time while I was scrolling around them, I thought, why not repurpose them into imaginary album covers. For whose albums they will be, I try to look not far away and primarily consider local musicians.
I believe that there is big potential in collaborative work for novel sounds, so I imagine these albums as collaborations which I would love to hear.

#more works#

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ap0teke performs solo and collaborative noise acts.

their primary instruments are a laptop and a no-input mixing console, most of the time accompanied by junk material and heavy electronics.

believing in the progressive potentials of joining practice and theory, they aim to spark and engage in theoretical debates around the aesthetic-political implications of noise, music, collectivity, and technology.

the ground on which such endeavors are made possible is to a large extent the A.I.D initiative, where ap0’ has done their apprenticeship.


23-08-17 MultiRAID2: Cruising on Limits w/ Isabel Morti (İzmir) >video<
06-01-18 A.I.D Ankara#1 (Ankara)
10-11-18 A.I.D Ankara#3 w/Cihan Gülmez, F.Can Mekikoğlu, Tess Waggoner (Ankara)>live recording<
4-08-18 Art Is Dead? Day#2 w/k.l.s.s. (İstanbul)
01-09-18 Volksamt! Hata Yapın Lansman Partisi (İstanbul)
2-03-19 A.I.D Room #12 as part of Earaction (İstanbul)
22-03-19 A.I.Dzone (Ankara)
19-04-19 A.I.D Den Haag #1 as part of G/A/G (Den Haag) >video<
23-06-19 Multiversal X A.I.D (Berlin)
24-08-19 Badire Radyo Açılış Etkinliği w/F.Can Mekikoğlu, Tess Waggoner (Ankara)
25-08-19 Volksfest! II w/Tan Babür (İstanbul)
17-05-20 Splash Scene w/Nev Ne as K-Makine (online) >video<
12-06-20 Club CoWed w/Nev Ne as K-Makine (online)

_selected recordings_

an exploration in granular techniques with samples from no-input mixing sessions, field recordings, classical music, and The Conet Project.

a rather violent composition made of analog no-input mixing and modular synthesis in PureData’s Automatonism.

the piece culminates in a sonic storm that creates an immersive binaural experience.

excerpt from a glitch that plays to eternity, found while circuit-bending a keyboard.

can it be called a ready-made?
or, would the uninformed ear mistake it for a human-made composition?

a composition with digitally synthesized sounds accompanying an excerpt from the Xenofeminist Manifesto.

an effort to zoom out from sonic & procedural qualities of musical work to incorporate other fields and convey messages more directly.

ap0' is engaged with text at several frontiers, including sociological writing, translation, cut-ups, and editing.
below are some works authored/translated/edited so far;


Electronic musical device artisanship.
interviews, digital ethnography.
2200 words. within the scope of bachelor's study in sociology. third-year assignment for the course: sociology of work.


Achievements and limitations of major transnational action in response to global e-waste crisis.
literature research, postcolonial critique.
4000 words. another, fourth-year assignment for the course: environmental sociology.


Gürültüyle Dolu: Teori ve Japon Gürültü Müziği
original title: Full with noise: Theory and Japanese noise music.
auth. Paul Hegarty. english→turkish.
5800 words. translated for AIDzine#8.


A.I.D Zine #7 on